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Journey into Sound of Silence

 Healing Meditative Music of Life

Imagine, calming light of candles, warm and caring sound drops that gently touches and massages your body. As a traveller of such a journey, you may want to close your eyes and be in a present moment. You may want to dance or move to the welcoming rhythms. You may softly join by singing together with the meditative chanting melody that just been born..


Yevgenij Shifrin is a mystic, meditation music performing artist, composer, explorer and teacher of healing music, string multi instrumentalist, builder and player of a unique instrument called Setara - an integration of different Western and Middle Eastern string instruments that connects between traditions and times.
As being multicultural human, he interconnects with great care and respect all those musical backgrounds into an authentic kaleidoscope of many different approaches. Trough this language of unity he creates a specific combination of East European and Middle Eastern melodies, ancient Georgian and West European harmonies, flaming rhythms of Caucasus, hypnotic trance of Sahara, shamanic pulses of Siberia, as well as meditative vibrations of India and Asia.
The dialogue between ancient and modern, simplicity and complexity, acoustic sound through live looping transmission - all these coexists in the heart of his pure Integral Music.
Traveling around the world with his ‘Journey into Sound of Silence’ musical meetings - a live instrumental music based on intuitive improvisation - he creates honest meetings based on mutual subtle co-creations between the musician and the listener, allowing for self exploration, cleaning and a refreshing experience, and awakening healing life qualities.

''Journey into the Sound of Silence''
 Healing Music Experience 2021

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