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Yevgenij Shifrin, shifrin music, meditative music

A specific combination of various approaches in my music has strong roots from my childhood, that was happened in three different places and cultures - Kyiv, one of the ancient centers of Eastern Europe. Black Sea coast and the Caucasus mountains of Georgia with it special ethnic, religious and cultural variety. Mediterranean Sea shoreline of Tel Aviv as big crossroads between East, West and Africa.
Growing up in those environments, as well as early exposure to different traditions light me the sparkle for learning new musical languages and instruments. Later it also gave me the necessity to connect all these backgrounds by creating the language of unity and using the music as a bridge.

My first serious interest and dedication for music started with a guitar. Yet, by the time I became professional musician and teacher, I chose not to perform publicly until I’ll find deep meaning for the music. A strong belief from my early childhood, that the music has healing powers, also played a big role for such kind of quest. It was the beginning of more than decade long, autodidact learning process of various musical traditions, researching world string instruments and it finest qualities.
However, after decade of silence, at one special moment it was understood that I must start making music again, for the listeners who searching for peace, wellbeing and healing. From that moment I became music traveler performing in the streets of different places and countries. Small seldom gatherings became frequent invitations for concerts, music for yoga classes, music for meditation, music for dance, contact improvisation, as well as invitations to give master classes and workshops about the inner musical arts: attitude, effortlessness, improvisation, silence, presence, listening.
It was like the right time just came, to share all I learned, stepping the road of the Journey into Sound of Silence, exploring the music, the moment, the life.


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