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Setara Stories EP
Transformations Live in Tel Aviv 2018 EP


All downloads are FREE and based on the concept of a DONATION and Heart Generosity. 

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Sound. Journey into Sound of Silence is live instrumental meditative music based on intuitive improvisation. This momentarily creation begins with total silence that gradually became a form of melodies, accompaniments, percussive rhythms by layering and looping these sounds live, using only single but unique stringed instrument as source of all sounds. With such minimalistic approach at one hand, it might sound sonically rich like entire band, making each performance various from each other.

Integration. It’s hard to identify this music to one specific culture, nor this is an artificial ’fusion’ of many different styles. It's rather an Integration of these styles and traditions through their deepest root, interconnected to each other with great care and respect.
This language of unity allows the creation of an authentic kaleidoscope, combining approaches and structures of East European and Middle Eastern melodies, ancient Georgian and West European harmonies, flaming rhythms of Caucasus, hypnotic trance of Sahara, shamanic pulses of Siberia, as well as meditative vibrations of India and Asia.


The dialogue between ancient and modern, simplicity and complexity, acoustic sound through electronic transmission - all these coexists in the heart of this pure Integral Music.

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