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 Mystic Meditative Music of Life

Journey into Sound of Silence

Mystery. Imagine, calming light of candles, warm and caring sound drops that gently touches and massages your body. As a traveller of such a journey, you may want to close your eyes and be in a present moment. You may want to dance or move to the welcoming rhythms. You may softly join by singing together with the meditative chanting melody that just been born. You may draw and write, inspired by the creative flow, free in a full presence. You may stand, seat, lay down and even sleep, allowing the body comfortable state for listening.

Nature. Imagine you hearing the music of plants, animals, forests, planets and worlds. Voices of the seasons, day and night with it lunar and solar cycles. This music behave like the weather, sometimes calms, sometimes stormy. Joyful as song of a bird. Powerful like mountain river.
Imagine a shamanic ritual sound ceremony. You listening to the wisdom of ancient melodies that are like medicine for the healing unity with the nature.

Presence. These sounds like an invitation to dive right into the moment, with soft presence and perception, calling your mind to travel with it ever-changing soundscapes. They tell you stories, take you to different places, feelings, body senses, imagination, visiting memories and thoughts. They also may wake up wide range of emotional states, some pleasant, and some more challenging. Just be present and breathe. This music is all about allowing you self-exploration, cleaning and refreshing experience, and awakening life qualities like: loving kindness, compassion, joy and calmness.

Journey. Take a few deep breaths, look around, do not expect anything in particular, this would not be an ordinary music show for your entertainment. There is no program to follow, but just the momentarily creation of here and now and mystery driven from the life flow itself.

Unity. This intuitive meeting can happen exclusively in atmosphere of mutual subtle co-creation between the musician and the listener. Such honest ability to sound and to listen opens the possibility for transformation - to hear the heartbeats of each other and become unified wholeness. And it’s became obvious that there is no need for words, everything is understood through the music.
This journeys going towards the place where the sound approaches the silence. The magic silence of simplicity, harmony and peace.

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