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setara guitar, Yevgenij Shifrin, shifrin music, meditative music
Electric Setara - Shifrin, Yevgenij Shifrin, shifrin music, meditative music

The Instrument - Setara

Another significant part of my music is the use of unique instruments to create it sound.
The Setara - instrument that I designed and build, using an old broken parts and recycled wood, as a conception in the era of everyday consumerism.
The name Setára comes from Persian ‘se’ - three and ‘tar’ - string. It has three strings and additional frets for microtone pitches.

Already from my childhood I build and experiment with different musical instruments. But the idea of Setara started to spring during long performing pause. First bourgeon opened when I started intuitively explore the playing on just one string. This kind of limitation led me to discover the insight, that less strings as well as less notes is better condition to focus on the spirit of melody. Same like in life, how many possessions do we really need? How much musical notes and strings a musician really needs to express thoughts, emotion, nature and the truth?

After many years of learning, exploring and researching the art of strings, I started to feel a need for a new approach. The question was, an instrument that would be a connection of ancient approaches in modern possibilities, like a bridge between traditions and times. A big challenge also was to integrate and sometimes to reinvent many techniques and nuances I learned from guitar, saz, sitar, setar, tar, tanbur, panduri, oud and cello.
Subsequently, the move from regular six string guitar to a new instrument with less strings gave me the possibilities to focus on the essence, fulfilling my need of simplicity as a great freedom for creativity and the search for new sound which would embrace the spirit of many musical world traditions.

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