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Школа игры на гитаре в Тель Авиве, Израиль | Евгений Шифрин, yevgenij shifrin, יבגני שיפרין
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Holistic Guitar and Music Learning Experience
for High-Tech Professionals,
Executives and Organizations

Tel Aviv | Israel

Effortless Music Method (EMM) for
Inner Balance, Reducing Stress,
Increasing Creativity, Motivation and Well-being

Welcome to the Studio of Guitar and Music Art in Your Office

My name is Yevgenij, and I am a music teacher and mentor with many years of experience. I offer you a meaningful holistic guitar learning experience, specifically tailored for High-tech Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Leading Investors, CEOs, and Senior Executives. These lessons aim to support and enhance your creativity and well-being through a comprehensive and enriching learning experience, delivered directly in your work environment.


What is Holistic Guitar?


The holistic approach focuses on all aspects of the learning experience – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The method integrates guitar playing as a tool for inner balance, improving quality of life by enhancing creativity, reducing stress, improving mood, boosting motivation, and enhancing performance at work.


Holistic guitar lessons are much more than a musical break in the middle of the workday – they are a tool for improving the quality of life of employees and executives, turning the workplace into a creative and productive hub.


Benefits and Solutions of Holistic Guitar Sessions in the Workplace:


Stress Relief, Improved Focus, and Active Rest: With the Effortless Learning Method, playing guitar is an excellent way to relax, reduce stress, and improve concentration and learning abilities. The holistic approach combines elements of mindfulness and awareness development, allowing employees to detach from daily pressures, improve clear thinking, and provide active rest to the thought process at work.


Boosting Creativity and Innovation: Music exploration and the learning process encourage creative thinking and innovation, contributing to productivity and the success of the organization. The lessons provide employees with tools to solve problems creatively and innovatively.


Inspiration, Motivation Boost, Performance Improvement, and Satisfaction: Guitar learning as a personal support tool for the employee and their well-being creates a positive emotional experience in the work environment and improves their quality of life. The lessons give a sense of capability and joy in achieving goals, providing strength for life and a sense of vitality. Additionally, playing guitar allows employees to rest and recharge, leading to improved performance at work and overall satisfaction. The lessons focus not only on learning techniques but also on developing the personality and skills required in the business world.


Personal Attention and Customization: The lessons are delivered privately and personally in the office itself and are fully tailored to the needs and schedule of the professionals and executives. The prestigious learning experience provides employees with the feeling that they are receiving the best that can be offered.

What You Will Learn in the Lessons:


Over the years, I have developed unique teaching approaches and learning programs based on Effortless Learning Method personally tailored to the needs and aspirations of the student.

Topics include:

- Playing is Easy

- Guitar: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced

- Learning Favorite Songs

- Various Playing Techniques

- Improvisation

- Learning Electric Guitar

- Finding Tunes by Ear

- Accompaniment with Chords

- Writing and Composing Songs

- Basic and Advanced Music Theory

- Learning Ethnic String Instruments

- Composing and Creating Music on a Tablet for Non-Instrument Players

- Mindfulness and Meditative Playing

- Improving Fine Motor Skills



About Me:


Yevgenij Shifrin, a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, teacher, and educator with over 20 years of teaching experience. Meditative Music explorer. Graduate of the Rimon School of Music, Bachelor’s degree in music education from Levinsky College, and a certified music teacher. I have been playing for over 30 years on various string instruments, including electric guitar, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, saz, baglama, ukulele, percussion instruments, ethnic string instruments, and many others. I’m also designing and building my own unique signature music instruments. I have studied and researched various meditation methods and mindfulness for years.


Teaching music is a way of life for me, which I do with dedication, a sense of mission, and great love. I conduct the lessons in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, in simple and clear language, with great professionalism and a lot of patience and empathy. I believe that learning guitar is a tool for improving quality of life, and it has the power to positively impact the immediate environment and even the broader social context.


Contact me and let's start your musical journey at your work environment that is convenient and specially suited to your needs and busy schedule, and discover how music can improve your personal and professional life.

- Besides the option of having lessons in your company office, there is also an option to take lessons in my cozy studio located near the Ramat Gan Diamond Trade Center ("Bursa"), Savidor Merkaz train station (Tel Aviv), and Bialik light rail station.

Школа игры на гитаре в Тель Авиве, Израиль | Евгений Шифрин, yevgenij shifrin, יבגני שיפרין
Школа игры на гитаре в Тель Авиве, Израиль | Евгений Шифрин, yevgenij shifrin, יבגני שיפרין


For more details and to schedule a meeting, feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment:

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Bialik light rail station,

Ramat Gan

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